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The Affluent Insurance Advisor

The Process

Until you have performed your first audit of a life insurance policy the mistaken belief is that it's an arduous process. You'll find that the procedures are few in number, and with the right insurance partner guiding you, the effort is not onerous at all.

Our process includes:

    1. Filling out a short questionnaire so you know what type of policy you are dealing with and what the intentions are for it.

    2. Signing an authorization letter which allows a third party to work to gather information on the policy owner's behalf.

    3. Obtaining the inforce illustrations from the particular life insurance carrier.

    4. Summarizing the findings from the illustrations data into an easy to read format which is understandable by even the most novice of advisory professional.

    5. If necessary, obtaining comparative information for policy alternatives from the appropriate carriers.
Boiled down to its core, the audit process is repeatable and reliable for those that spend their days performing these duties on a regular basis. It is easy and hugely advantageous to the eventually beneficiaries of the funds that particular policy provides in the future.