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The Affluent Insurance Advisor

Your Role

Your family office practice provides a variety of services to your clients including estate planning, financial planning, lifestyle management, investment services, tax planning, charitable giving, and risk management.

We could probably add many more items to that list but the main mission is to give independent, objective and accurate advice on almost every financial topic that exists.

You are an objective advisor that places the interests of your clients first. That role is crucial.

Knowing that you are not an expert on every topic, you have developed your professional network to include diverse skills and specialties allowing you to provide the clients you serve with the highest level of expertise. Whether it be tax planning, investments, insurance or estate planning, your stable of professionals must be top notch and reflect your commitment to excellence.

It often seems that you are able to find these experts on every front -- except that crucial component of life insurance planning. You never seem to find the right balance of that technician who has a deep understanding of the products and companies, who has a macroeconomic expertise of financial planning to understand how life insurance fits into the larger plan, and has a service model that will annually attend to the maintenance of the policies that are put into place to protect those decisions you made years ago.

Couple that with someone who you both trust and respect and it often feels like looking for "a needle in a haystack."

The Affluent Insurance Advisor is here to be your back office in designing, creating, implementing and maintaining your clients' life insurance portfolios so that they are secure- that same security that the insurance was intended to provide.