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The Affluent Insurance Advisor

Periodic Audits

As an attorney, you are well-versed in matters of life insurance from a very high level. You have also been exposed to the pitfalls that your clients typically run into as they purchase and maintain their life insurance portfolios over the years.

There are many complications that can arise from a client adopting a "set it and forget it" mentality of those valuable policies that they purchased years ago.

But you are the estate planning attorney who drafted their legal documents. The documents are in pristine condition and made provisions for every foreseeable situation that could arise with their estate both during their lifetime and at death. Why is it your responsibility to make sure that the life insurance the client purchased is in good working order when that is not your job?

This has a simple answer but is not one that is widely practiced in your profession. By caring about your clients in a way that you urge them to periodically audit and review their life insurance policies you are setting yourself apart from every other attorney who is not asking that question and making that recommendation.

The fact that you at least bring the topic up puts you in a separate class and makes you the vital resource that you client needs on this side of their planning.

It only takes one audit that uncovers a potential problem that could have cost your client millions of dollars in the future to make adding this advice to your process extremely valuable. The referrals that will come from such a success far outweigh the time it takes you to make the recommendation.

But don't stop there! Use these periodic audits as a way to keep in touch with these clients every 2-3 years after they've already closed the books with you on the transaction of drafting their original documents.

By staying in touch with these valuable clients, they serve as a source of repeat business and referrals that can fuel the future growth of your business.

Think about it this way from a client's perspective. When was the last time an estate planning attorney made it a regular habit to call or personally write each of his clients on a 2-3 year basis? The answer is "not often" and will again make sure you position yourself as special and unique from the other places both they and their friends could place their future business with.