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The Affluent Insurance Advisor

Periodic Audits

As the gatekeeper for all of your client's needs, often extending well beyond those being financial, it is hard to keep everything organized, up‑to‑date and on track. When it comes to their insurance portfolio, it seems to be a never‑end carousel of challenges and changes.

Specifically, their life insurance portfolio is susceptible to significant damage which, if not monitored, could lead to millions of dollars in unnecessary losses and in some extreme cases, putting at danger a lifetime of wealth building.

It is imperative that a thorough review of all your client's life insurance policies be conducted no less than every 2‑3 years. Conducting these simple reviews could mean the difference between a smoothly coordinated life insurance portfolio or one that comes crashing down on your client's family at a time when they are older and potentially unable to remedy the problem due to their older age or failing health.


Oftentimes the Family Office has been diligent about reviewing and re‑balancing their client's investment portfolio but little thought has gone into the life insurance policies. Why? They don't know what they don't know! They thought it was a "set it and forget it."

Unfortunately, life insurance policies don't work like that.

And so that one extra task which is easily outsourced to The Affluent Insurance Advisor could be the difference‑maker in preserving millions of dollars for their heirs ‑‑ which might even be more savings than any of your other advice had ever rendered.